GR Forward Goal 1 Alliance Reestablish the Grand River as the draw

The GR Forward Goal 1 Alliance is a citizen-led council that advises DGRI staff on projects related to re-establishing the Grand River as the draw to Downtown, the City and West Michigan region. Click here to read more about GR Forward Goal 1 background, purpose and recommendations. (PDF)

The Alliance brings together people with different knowledge, perspectives, and backgrounds to solve problems, identity opportunities, and support the day-to-day work of improving Grand Rapids' central city.

Appointed by the DGRI Board of Advisors, members typically have personal interest and/or professional expertise in water and environmental issues, architecture and design, tourism and economic development. 

The Alliance meets regularly and provides the DGRI management staff with critical input that drives organizational budgets, programs, events, projects, incentives, and services.


  1. Eddie Tadlock, Chair


  2. Richard Bishop

    Grand Rapids WhiteWater

  3. Laura Cleypool

    City of Grand Rapids, Parks

  4. Rick DeVries

    City of Grand Rapids, Engineering

  5. Joe Elliot

    RDV Corporation

  6. Lindsey Gadbois

    Tower Pinkster

  7. Rachel Hood

    Chase Park Grants

  8. Tom Hoving


  9. Rob Hyde

    Calvin College

  10. Janet Korn

    Experience Grand Rapids

  11. Ted Lott

    Lott3Metz Architecture

  12. Traci Montgomery


  13. Mark Roys

    CSM Group

  14. Jay Steffen

    City of Grand Rapids, Planning

  15. Ben Weatherhead

    Homewood Suites

  16. Rick Winn

    Amway Hotel Corporation

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