GR Forward Goal 2 Alliance Develop a true Downtown Neighborhood Home to a Diverse Population

The GR Forward Goal 2 Alliance is a citizen-led council that advises DGRI staff on projects and programs related to establishing Downtown Grand Rapids as a vibrant residential neighborhood home to a diverse population. Click here to read more about GR Forward Goal 2 background, purpose and recommendations. (PDF)

The Alliance brings together people with different knowledge, perspectives, and backgrounds to solve problems, identity opportunities, and support the day-to-day work of improving Grand Rapids' central city.

Appointed by the DGRI Board of Advisors, members typically have personal interest and/or professional expertise in a range of quality of life issues, including housing, community development, social services, retail and neighborhood organizing. 

The Alliance meets regularly and provides the DGRI management staff with critical input that drives organizational budgets, programs, events, projects, incentives, and services.


  1. Monica App, Chair

    Rockford Construction

  2. Omar Cuevas

    GR Area Chamber of Commerce

  3. Chardonnay Henderson

    United Methodist Community House

  4. Brianna Gohlke-Clausen


  5. Devin Holston

    Horrocks Market

  6. Nicole Kosheba


  7. Daniel Kvamme

    City of Grand Rapids

  8. Latesha Lipscomb

    Downtown Resident

  9. Kisha McPherson

    Spectrum Health

  10. Angie Morales

    La Mejor GR

  11. Dave Nitkiewicz

    Experience Grand Rapids

  12. Jenn Schaub

    Dwelling Place

  13. Latrisha Sosebee

    Dwelling Place

  14. Noele Stith

    GR Initiative for Leaders

  15. Aaron Terpstra

    City of Grand Rapids, Mobile GR

  16. Joshua Verhulst

    Hope Network

  17. Nipun Nath


  18. Rae Westerhof


Upcoming Meeting Schedule

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  1. DGRI Lyon Room (29 Pearl Street NW, Suite 1, Grand Rapids, MI 49503)
  2. DGRI Lyon Room (29 Pearl Street NW, Suite 1, Grand Rapids, MI 49503)
  3. DGRI Lyon Room (29 Pearl Street NW, Suite 1, Grand Rapids, MI 49503)