Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. (DGRI) is proud to announce the hire of Flor Valera as administrative assistant.

After an extensive search process, Ms. Valera's background, administrative experience and passion for community service emerged as an excellent fit with DGRI.

Ms. Valera will serve as DGRI's front desk receptionist, provide a multi-faceted range of administrative duties and, importantly, play a lead role in organizing DGRI's space for a wide variety of executive meetings and community engagement activities. Ms. Valera previously served as an administrative aid at the Hispanic Center of West Michigan. 

"We are truly delighted to have Flor join our team," said DGRI Interim President/CEO Tim Kelly. "She will play a critical role helping to keep the office running smoothly and supporting our entire staff."


DGRI is the organization responsible for city building and place-management in the City of Grand Rapids' urban core. Established in 2013, DGRI serves as the singular management entity for the combined operations of the Downtown Development Authority, the Downtown Improvement District and the Monroe North Tax Increment Finance Authority.

Ms. Valera brings the number of team members to 27 - 18 Downtown Ambassadors and 9 organizational management staff - leading the DGRI operation. DGRI aspires to build an organizational staff and leadership network that reflects the diversity of Grand Rapids. DGRI's staff is now composed as follows:


  • 48% Male (58% citywide)
  • 52% Female (42% citywide)


  • 62% White (59% citywide)
  • 15% Black (21% citywide)
  • 15% Hispanic/Latino (16% citywide)
  • 1% Asian (2% citywide)
  • 1% Pacific Islander


  • 30% 20-24 (17% citywide)
  • 33% 25-34 (30% citywide)
  • 22% 35-44 (19% citywide)
  • 7% 45-54 (18% citywide)
  • 7% 55-64 (16% citywide)

Place of Residence

  • 85% live in the City of Grand Rapids
  • 15% live outside the City of Grand Rapids