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  1. We Light Up Downtown Friday, December 1

    DGRI kicks off the winter season in Downtown Grand Rapids with holiday-themed celebration.
  2. Rose Center Fellows Present Recommendations to Drive Inclusive Economic Growth in GR

    Proposed framework aims to expand access to housing, transportation and jobs.
  3. Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. Board Names Interim President & CEO

    Tim Kelly previously served as DGRI vice president of planning and development.
  4. Measures Approved November 8, 2017 by GR DDA

    Contract amendments for Lyon Square design approved.
  5. GR DDA Meets November 8, 2017

    Agenda includes consideration of support for Lyon Square.
  6. Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. President & CEO Announces Resignation

    DGRI Board expresses deep appreciation for extraordinary leadership.
  7. New Vision for Calder Plaza Receives Honor

    American Society of Landscape Architects recognize excellence in community planning.
  8. Measures Approved Oct. 11, 2017 by GR DDA

    Funding to enhance retail storefronts and design pedestrian safety improvements.
  9. GR DDA Meets October 11, 2017

    Board will consider several initiatives to improve safety for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  10. DGRI Seeks Administrative Assistant

    An opportunity to help support the city building movement in Grand Rapids.