GR Forward Goal 5 Alliance Reinvest in Public Space, Culture & Inclusive Programming

The GR Forward Goal 5 Alliance is a citizen-led council that advises DGRI staff on programs and projects related to growing and increasingly inviting, welcoming and inclusive Downtown. Click here to read more about GR Forward Goal 5 background, purpose and recommendations. (PDF)

The Alliance brings together people with different knowledge, perspectives, and backgrounds to solve problems, identity opportunities, and support the day-to-day work of improving Grand Rapids' central city.

Appointed by the DGRI Board of Advisors, members typically have personal interest and/or professional expertise in special events, tourism, parks, arts and culture.

The Alliance meets regularly and provides the DGRI management staff with critical input that drives organizational budgets, programs, events, projects, incentives, and services.


  1. Stephanie Adams, Chair

    Friends of GR Parks

  2. Hannah Berry, Co-Chair

    Lions & Rabbits Art Gallery

  3. Adrienne Brown-Reasner

    PNC Bank

  4. Alyson Mabie

    Grand Valley Metro Council LGROW

  5. Amanda Gielczyk

    Downtown Market Grand Rapids

  6. Amber Kilpatrick

    Blandford Nature Center

  7. Amelea Pegman


  8. Ashlee Lambart

    Community Circle Theatre

  9. Catherine Zietse

    City of Grand Rapids Parks & Recreation

  10. Chad LeRoux

    AHC+ Hospitality

  11. Derek Call


  12. Emily Evers

    Artists Creating Together

  13. Evette Pittman

    City of Grand Rapids, Special Events

  14. Julio Cano

    Spectrum Health / Latino Community Coalition

  15. Katherine Williams

    Urban Institute for Contemporary Arts

  16. Kyle DeGroff

    DeGroff Design

  17. LaKiya Jenkins


  18. Lisa Knight

    Grand Rapids Urban League

  19. Madeline Schaab

    Disability Advocates of Kent County

  20. Nick Nortier

    Old Growth Creative

  21. Rachel McKay

    Grand Rapids Children's Museum

  22. Reb Roberts

    Sanctuary Folk Art

  23. Shaun Biel

    Spectrum Health

  24. Thomas Pierce

    GR Pride Center

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