Division Avenue in downtown Grand Rapids will be different Monday morning.

This weekend, weather permitting, workers will begin painting new travel lanes on Division from Michigan Street to Wealthy Street. The Revision Division project will convert this section of the corridor from the existing 5- and 4- lane street to a 3-lane street.

The work begins Saturday morning and will carry on through Sunday. The intent is to maintain traffic flow during this weekend work.

The new striping will be installed in conjunction with a year-long study to evaluate how the changes affect traffic patterns and the urban environment.

Similar successful conversions on Plainfield and East Fulton suggest the benefits of so-called ‘road diets’ include improved traffic flow, fewer car crashes and improved public safety for pedestrians and bicyclists. It is also anticipated that a redesigned roadway could help stimulate retail and redevelopment activity and increase property values in the corridor.

All travelers are encouraged to pay close attention to road markings, traffic signals, walk signals and street signs. Throughout the study period, lane modifications, signals and signs may be adjusted as necessary to address safety or congestion issues for motorists, pedestrians, bicyclists and transit users of the street.

These changes will be evaluated over the next year and community feedback is welcome and encouraged as the project progresses.

A website for the project – www.revisiondivision.com – will be up by week’s end.

For more info, City contacts include:
  • Jay Fowler, Executive Director, Grand Rapids Downtown Development Authority, (616) 456-3034 or jfowler@grcity.us
  • Suzanne Schulz, Planning Director, City of Grand Rapids, (616) 456-3646 or sschulz@grcity.us
  • Chris Zull, Utility Supervisor, City of Grand Rapids, (616) 456-3066, czull@grcity.us