Becoming a City for Cyclists

Grand Rapids is actively building up its bike infrastructure and culture. Biking is one of the city's fastest growing commute styles, with 32 percent of Downtown residents and 3 percent of Downtown commuters choosing to walk or bike to work.

To accommodate the rising demand, an expanding network of cycle routes provides access to Downtown, where bicyclists will find hundreds of bike parking spaces, several public bike repair stations and a growing number of bike friendly businesses.

Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. also currently works with the City of Grand Rapids and other community partners to build better bikeways, study the feasibility of a bike-share system and other initiatives to advance the city's evolving transportation strategy to serve people who bike.

The League of American Bicyclists designates Grand Rapids a bronze level Bike Friendly Community. The community currently endeavors to achieve silver status.

Take Your Bike on the Bus

Bikes travel free on public transit. Every bus in the Rapid's fleet has a double-loading bike rack, making it easier to commute - or access local trails - without a car. Check out this short video tutorial about how to load your bike on the bus.

Local Bike Organizations

  • The Greater Grand Rapids Bicycle Coalition is one gateway to the local bike community, event information and more. They also provide a comprehensive map of bike lanes, trails and routes.
  • PedalGR is a bi-weekly bike ride exploring Grand Rapids.
  • Rapid Wheelmen is a bicycle club based in Grand Rapids.
  • The West Michigan Mountain Biking Alliance, the local chapter of the international alliance, is a nonprofit committed to developing and maintaining trails throughout the region.
  • The Spoke Folks is a local nonprofit that provide bike repair services, cycling education and promotes transportation equity.
  • Boston Square Community Bikes is a local nonprofit that promote affordable and sustainable bicycle transportation with free DIY repair space, used bicycle sales and bicycle education.

    Tips to Ride

    The League of American Bicyclists summarizes the Rules of the Road and Smart Cycling Tips.


    • Downtown Grand Rapids' current Bike Score is in the range of 90, which means much of daily life can be accomplished on a bicycle around the Downtown neighborhoods.
    • Bicycling magazine ranks Grand Rapids the 33rd Bike Friendly City as of 2016.
    • Outside Magazine named Grand Rapids Best for Mountain Biking.