DDA Downtown Development Authority

The Downtown Development Authority (DDA) is a funding tool Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. administers to help catalyze public and private investment in Grand Rapids urban core. Funds go to help expedite private development projects, put underutilized property back to productive use, build streets and public infrastructure, as well as maintain and expand parks and other public amenities.

Established by the City Commission in 1980 under state law, the GR DDA’s principal source of funding is revenue generated by increasing property values within the DDA district. City Commission annually approves the DDA budget. A 9-member Board of Directors appointed by the Mayor with concurrence from City Commission govern the DDA. The Board meets monthly on the second Wednesday. More details on the City Clerk Page.

All documents below in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

Freedom of Information

Development and Tax Increment Financing Plan Update

Fiscal Year 2017 Budget

Financial Audits

Annual Report to State of Michigan

The format of this report is consistent with state reporting standards.

Board Members

  1. Brian Harris, Chair


  2. Richard A. Winn, Vice Chair

    Amway Hotel Corporation

  3. Kayem Dunn

    Organizational Development Consultant

  4. Dr. Wendy Falb

    Literacy Center of West Michigan

  5. Jane Gietzen

    Spectrum Health

  6. Mayor Rosalynn Bliss

    City of Grand Rapids

  7. Jim Talen

    Kent County Commissioner

  8. Diana Sieger

    Grand Rapids Community Foundation

Upcoming Meeting Schedule

  1. DGRI (29 Pearl St. NW, Suite 1)
  2. DGRI (29 Pearl St. NW, Suite 1)
  3. DGRI (29 Pearl St. NW, Suite 1)
  4. DGRI (29 Pearl St. NW, Suite 1)
  5. DGRI (29 Pearl St. NW, Suite 1)
  6. DGRI (29 Pearl St. NW, Suite 1)
  7. DGRI (29 Pearl St. NW, Suite 1)
  8. DGRI (29 Pearl St. NW, Suite 1)
  9. DGRI (29 Pearl St. NW, Suite 1)

Funded Projects