DGRI President/CEO Kristopher Larson compiles a monthly report for the organization's Leadership Network to promote accountability, clearly communicate progress and keep our collective efforts focused on results. Here's the February report:

DGRI Board of Advisors (Meets 2/11/16)

  • Will receive alignment updates from Experience GR and Mayor’s office
  • Will consider appointment of Alliances
  • Will consider 2016 cost allocation methodology
  • Will receive an update from urban tree canopy committee

DDA Board of Directors (Meets 2/10/16)

  • Will consider value engineering exercise for Veteran’s Park
  • Will consider appointment for TIF Plan committee
  • Will receive recommendation on Calder Plaza consulting team
  • Will consider a liquor license for new Downtown Market eatery
  • Will consider support for St. Cecilia Music Center renovations
  • Will receive a briefing on DGRI Organizational Performance Measures

Monroe North TIFA Board of Directors (Met 11/11/15)

  • Approved and Recommended Final GR Forward

DID Board of Directors (Met 12/7/15)

  • Recommended Amended FY16 DID Budget to City Commission

Alliance for Investment (Meets 2/9)

  • Chair: Nikos Monoyios, Long Range Planner @ The Rapid
  • Priority Planning Activity

Alliance for Vibrancy (Met 1/20)

  • Chair – Brandy Moeller, City of Grand Rapids
  • Discussed outcome measurement of winter programming, working group discussions

Alliance for Livability (Met 1/25)

  • Chair: Lynee Wells, Principal @ Williams & Works
  • Working Group Discussions:
    • Clean/Safe/Beautiful – Monroe North Gateway: RFP goals, proposed steering committee
    • Engagement – Signal Box Art Project: concept goals/parameters, partnership scan; Residents Council: re-engagement plan (Annamarie Buller will lead discussion)
    • Mobility – Local sidewalk closure policy review and comparison, plan development for policy enhancements; update on Downtown mobility initiatives (Kirk)
    • Urban Recreation – Skatepark update and planning discussion, design RFP goals

DGRI Staff Highlights

Events / Marketing / Communications

  • Black History Month Commemoration
    • Launched messaging campaign surrounding Black History Month
    • Public information campaign on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to recognize and honor African American contributions in Grand Rapids.
    • Community has enthusiastically engaged the campaign, reaching nearly 110,000 people, generating nearly 700 “shares” and 2,000 “likes” on Facebook in the first week of posts.
    • Campaign also driving new followers to DGRI platforms, including for example nearly 500 new Facebook followers in first week.
  • ValentICE – Feb 12-14
    • Event emerging as one of Michigan’s Top 5 ice sculpture festivals.
    • Nearly 70 partnering businesses and organizations
    • This year’s event features 50+ ice sculptures and 30,000 pounds of ice – double the amount of ice on display in 2015.
    • The community sculpture selected by public vote will be the tallest (12 feet) ice sculpture in any Michigan festival this year.
    • Other sculpture highlights include:
      • 7 foot Grand Budapest Hotel at MadCap;
      • 35-foot ice bar at the Downtown Market;
      • Wishing well filled with frozen pennies guessing game sponsored by Springthrough.
  • Supporting Broomball leagues via partnership with GRSSC
  • Cancelled plans for Cannonsburg in the City event Feb 7 due to (warm) weather
  • Collaborating with Grand Rapids Public Library on Feb 21 Taste of Soul Event
  • Completing event planning for Mar 6 Hungry Hungry Hippo Tournament
  • Working with community partners to finalize 2016 Movies in the Park lineup

Planning / Development

  • Sending GR Forward for limited print run
  • Collaborating with City of GR area 4/5 transition plan and mobility initiatives
  • Finalizing Calder Plaza consultant interviews, selection process
  • Advancing refinement of Lyon Square conceptual designs from GR Forward
  • State Tax Increment Finance Reform – Hosting delegation of legislators for tour of GR successes