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  1. DGRI Welcomes New Communications Coordinator

    Soon-to-be GVSU alums joins local city building movement.
  2. DGRI Commends City of GR's Forward Thinking on 201 Market Site

    City seeks developers to transform nearly 16 acres of city-owned riverfront property.
  3. Black History Month 2017 Honored Throughout Downtown GR

    February is Black History Month and Downtown Grand Rapids presents a variety of events and opportunities to honor this tradition.
  4. GR DDA Welcomes Stronger Partnership with Kent County

    Agreement marks new era of collaboration
  5. Snow Days Hit Downtown GR February 10-14

    Five full days of ways to get outside and enjoy winter in Downtown GR.
  6. Movies in the Park 2016 Performance Report Now Available

    An overview of the audience demographics, economic activity and attendee satisfaction associated with the 2016 summer series.
  7. City Commission Approves New DDA Finance Plan to Keep Moving GR Forward

    Updated plan prioritizes investment in affordable housing, aims to foster more racially diverse business ownership and advances good government reform of the DDA.
  8. We Light Up Downtown Friday December 2

  9. GR DDA Recommends New Financing Plan Aligned with Community Priorities

    Plan also proposes several key policy changes to strengthen community partnerships and advance on common goals.
  10. DGRI & Partners Focus on First-Generation American Born Latinos

    Project Ñ aims to empower and inspire first-generation American born Latinos living in the U.S.