Many Ways to Move

A network of options for people who walk, bike, drive and take transit.

  • 80 Walk Score Average

  • Top 50 Bike-Friendly American City

  • 20,000 Parking Spaces

Getting To and Around Downtown Is Easy

Downtown Grand Rapids is highly walkable and the hub of West Michigan's transportation system. Regional highway, bus and bicycle routes converge in Downtown and provide ready access to the urban core for both commuters and visitors. Google Maps helps with directions.

If you're coming from farther away, Greyhound, MegaBus, and Amtrak stop in the heart of the city. The Gerald R. Ford International Airport — just 20 minutes from downtown — serves five major airlines and offers 120 daily nonstop flights. You'll find ground transportation on the first level of the parking garage at the airport, just steps from the baggage claim.

Driving a Car

20,000 places to park Downtown for $20 or less per day.

Riding a Bike

The travel option that's flexible, fun, healthy, affordable and - around the urban core - often times faster.

Taking the Bus

The Rapid transit system runs 29 routes connecting Downtown and the greater GR metro. Rides cost $1.75.

DASH'ing Around Downtown

DASH is the shuttle system that moves people around Downtown. Ride free.

  • Flights to Grand Rapids

    GRR offers 120 daily nonstop flights to and from 24 major destinations.

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  • Rail to Grand Rapids

    Amtrak's Pere Marquette Line operates between Chicago and Grand Rapids.

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  • Buses to Grand Rapids

    Greyhound stops at the Rapid Central Station every day of the week.

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