Citizens play an important role in the health and spirit of a community. With a steadily growing population of people living Downtown, residents increasingly seek new and more opportunities to connect with neighbors, share information, discuss key issues and ultimately build community across Downtown.

This movement among interested residential stakeholders - both homeowners and renters - is new in Downtown, as the "neighborhood" has essentially served as 9-to-5 business district with few residents since the mid-1900s.

Today, the neighborhood counts ~5,000 residents - a population anticipated to double in the next decade.

The Downtown Neighbor Network (DNN)'s purpose is to provide a forum to socialize, organize, and ultimately deepen citizen engagement in building/promoting a high-quality residential life in Downtown GR

This page includes information and updates about the startup organizing of the Downtown Neighbor Network.

Interested to learn more and/or get involved? Drop an email to DGRI's Manager of Neighbor Experience Kendsie Channing.

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Downtown Neighbor Network Advisory Committee

An advisory group of Downtown and near-Downtown neighbors work together to organize the activities of the DNN. Current members include:

  • Paul Skentzos, River House Condos
  • Daniel Drent, Ferguson Apartments
  • Latesha Lipscomb, Division Avenue Park Place
  • Kelli Jo Peltier, Plaza Towers
  • Celeste McDonald, River House Condos
  • Kathy Steindler, City View
  • Eddie Tadlock, The Fitzgerald
  • Mark Tangen, The Lofts
  • Hal Froot, Plaza Towers
  • Jim Talen, Waters Tower Condos
  • Teresa Haggerty, Serrano Lofts
  • Neil Sly, 820 Monroe
  • Emma Suarez Pawlicki, River House Condos

Advisory Committee Meetings

This section includes the meeting dates, times, and agenda packets for DNN Advisory Group meetings.

All meetings happen from 11:30 AM - 1:30 PM at the office of Downtown Grand Rapids Inc., 29 Pearl Street NW, Suite 1, unless otherwise noted.

Starting Up the Neighbor Network

The GR Forward plan of action identified the goal to create a downtown neighborhood that is home to a diverse population. To that end, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc. (DGRI) looks to support initiatives that improve Downtown living for existing residents and attract new residents.

GR Forward specifically identifies the opportunity to establish a downtown resident council. To explore this idea further, an ad-hoc steering committee of Downtown residents (PDF) formed in early 2018 to explore the creation of a formal organization that would convene and represent Downtown neighbors.

The steering committee was intentionally constituted to represent various viewpoints and perspectives on the unique challenges and opportunities of living in or near downtown Grand Rapids. The group conducted an extensive “data dive” to better understand who was living in downtown, what groups currently (or potentially) exist in and near downtown, what concerns residents have, how is downtown changing, and what type of organization might be the best fit to represent the unique voice of downtown living.

Click here to read the outcome of that process (PDF) and the group's draft recommendation on the Downtown Neighbor Network's mission, vision, guiding principles and scope of work.

Click here for a summary of the organizing committee's process and meeting minutes. (PDF)

Additional Background Information

The process of exploring a Downtown resident organization was supported by original research, a community survey, mapping and other relevant information essential to a thorough understanding of and dialogue about trends, needs, challenges and opportunities. This section includes this background info and data.

Past Downtown Neighbor Events

Prior to organizing the Downtown Neighbor Network, Downtown Grand Rapids Inc worked closely with residents to organize regular forums for neighbor socializing, learning and engagement. Here's a sampling of those community events.

For upcoming events, visit our Facebook events calendar.