The Downtown Ambassadors are a dedicated team of dynamic and responsive professionals that keep Downtown clean, beautiful and welcoming.

Attired in bright orange and blue uniforms, the Ambassador team is comprised of local citizens who share a common affinity for Downtown and an intimate understanding of what's happening around the neighborhood.

Downtown Ambassadors are on the job 7 days per week. Don't hesitate to stop them for directions, information about events, places to eat, an umbrella escort when it's raining or other assistance.

Call (616) 250-8263 to reach the Ambassador on duty.

Roles & Resources

Downtown Ambassador duties include but are not limited to:

  • Help visitors with directions and information.
  • Support Downtown business owners and managers.
  • Maintain and repair streetscape infrastructure.
  • Work with the Grand Rapids Homeless Outreach Team to connect people to social services.
  • Report crime to the Grand Rapids Police Department.
  • Escort people walking to Downtown destinations.
  • Report streetscape repair issues and graffiti removal.
  • Remove snow around parking meters, fire hydrants and pedestrian crossings.
  • Remove trash and graffiti from Downtown.
  • Plant and water Downtown flowers and greenery.

Trainings & Certifications

Many of the Downtown Ambassadors as a team are trained in:

  • CPR/FA Training - American Heart Association
  • Mental Health First Aid Training - Network 180
  • Overdose Response Training - The Red Project/Clean Works
  • Co-Occuring and Homelessness - Facilitated through HNCP
  • Human Trafficking Awareness - Michigan Department of Justice
  • CERT (Community Emergency Response Training) - Police/Fire/EMS First Responders

Annual Performance Reports

All documents in PDF format unless otherwise noted.

How to Become an Ambassador

The Ambassador program is administered by Block-by-Block, a national firm that manages similar programs in over 100 US cities.

The program employs approximately 10-20 Ambassadors at any given time. But we are always happy to accept applications from aspiring team members.

If you're interested to explore becoming an Ambassador, apply on their website.