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  1. DDA Board Meeting Outcomes: July 2020

    Approved funds for a special event, air quality monitoring.
  2. “Women’s Way” Mural Work Begins

    Original creative works will honor and showcase local women leaders.
  3. DGRI Now Accepting Applications to Repair Damaged Business Storefronts

    Grant funds available for window repairs, replacements.
  4. DDA Board Meeting Outcomes: June 2020

    Approved financial support for damaged Downtown businesses and further investment in pedestrian safety and bicycle infrastructure improvements
  5. GR DDA Meets Virtually June 10, 2020

    Agenda includes funding to support window repairs/replacements for Downtown businesses.
  6. DGRI Now Accepting Applications for Pop-Up Performers

    Goal is to help reactivate Downtown streetspaces.
  7. DDA Board Meeting Outcomes: May 2020

    Approved support for improving pedestrian safety and bike infrastructure.
  8. GR DDA Meets Virtually May 13, 2020

    Agenda includes FY21 budget adoption
  9. Downtown Grand Rapids, MI Seeks Proposals to Develop Wayfinding Program

    Successful responses will consider all modes of transportation.
  10. Relax at Rosa Returns as "Relax at Home" During Pandemic

    The FREE weekly virtual and musical lunchtime entertainment series begins April 30.