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  1. Grand River Revitalization Partners Seek Equity-Focused Facilitator

    Deadline to respond is April 12, 2021
  2. DDA Board Meeting Outcomes: March 2021

    Supported a new liquor license request and funds for new trash cans.
  3. Next Women’s Way Mural Features Maurilia Ortiz Blakely

    Project will beautify Downtown alleyway, honor a local female leader.
  4. DDA Board Meeting Outcomes: February 2021

    Supported business winterization efforts, Latinx engagement initiative.
  5. Celebrate Black History Month 2021 in Downtown Grand Rapids

    A roundup of events honoring Black History Month.
  6. Introducing "Manidoo Bawating" in Downtown GR

    Designed by Grand River Bands of Ottawa Indians, local artist Alan Compo and HYBYCOZO.
  7. DDA Board Meeting Outcomes: January 2021

    More support for pandemic-related business winterization efforts.
  8. Grand River Revitalization Partners Seek Community Engagement Services

    Deadline to respond is January 29, 2021
  9. GR DDA Doubles Down on Winter Support for Downtown Businesses

    Additional funding to drive foot traffic, outdoor commercial activity.
  10. Downtown GR Now Accepting Applications for Window Wonderland Grant Program

    Funds available to decorate and activate storefront windows.