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  1. Now Accepting: Grant Applications for Winter Installations/Programming

    Applications are due on Friday, October 15, 2021.
  2. DDA Board Meeting Outcomes: August 2021

    Approved the use of the Downtown Enhancement Grant for 144 S. Division & Engaged in a Contract to Design Van Andel Alley.
  3. Now Hiring: Project Manager

    Focused on urban planning & management of public space improvements
  4. Now Hiring: Manager of Neighbor Experience

    Works to keep Downtown residents informed, connected & engaged
  5. Downtown GR Seeks Proposals for Winter Art Installations

    Qualified professionals sought to activate public spaces during the winter months.
  6. DDA Board Meeting Outcomes: June 2021

    Approved funds for a new public restroom, three major events and winter decorations.
  7. DGRI Seeks Proposals for Design Services to Strengthen Downtown's Hill & River Network

    Proposals are due July 12, 2021.
  8. Now Hiring: Economic Opportunity Organizer

    A new position focused on connecting people, jobs and Grand River revitalization
  9. DDA Board Meeting Outcomes: May 2021

    Adopted the FY 2022 budget, extended DASH transit partnership, authorized funds to reconstruct Ottawa Ave.
  10. Downtown GR Seeks Proposals for Micro Incubation Program

    Proposals due May 28, 2021.