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  1. DDA Board Meeting Outcomes August 2019

    Support for testing a transit bulb, reconstructing Division Ave. and a winter art installation.
  2. DGRI Issues RFQ for Improvement District Reauthorization Services

    Scope of work includes data gathering, scenarios analysis
  3. New Natalia Rak Mural In Process

  4. DDA Board Meeting Outcomes July 2019

    Board supports a new retail venture, increased pedestrian safety.
  5. Rainbow-Inspired Street Mural Coming to Sheldon Boulevard

    The makeover begins June 23, 2019, weather permitting.
  6. DDA Board Meeting Outcomes June 2019

    Board adopted FY2020 budget, support accessibility innovation initiative.
  7. GR DDA Issues RFP for 158 Oakes Street

    Infill opportunity adjacent to Studio Park
  8. Grand Rapids, MI Issues RFQ to Define Governance Model for Grand River Revitalization

    Deadline to respond is June 10, 2019
  9. DDA Budget Recommendation Funds 82 Initiatives to Keep Moving GR Forward

    Citizens identified and prioritized 93 percent of proposed discretionary spending
  10. DGRI Issues RFP to Promote Affordable Housing Solutions

    Proposals accepted on a rolling basis